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misfitmormons's Journal

Misfit Mormon V2.0
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abnormality, abnormity, alma, amen, apostle, articles of faith, assitant to the president, baptism, bishop, bishopric, black sheep, bom, book of mormon, breach, brethren, brigham young, byu, calling, celestial kingdom, ces, character, choose the right, christian, christianity, church educational system, church office building, ck, conference center, ctr, cultural hall, cumorah pageant, curiosity, curious, d&c, deseret book, deseret news, disconformity, doctrine and covenants, eccentricity, ensign, exception, exotic, extraordinary; weird, family home evening, fantastic, fast offering, fellowshiping, fhe, flying fish, freak, freak of nature, free agency, general conference, genral authority, gordon b hinckley, grotesque, gull, high priest, holy ghost, home teachers, hymn, informality, je ne sais quoi, jello, jesus, jesus christ, jesus freak, joseph smith, lds, lemuel, liberal, melchizedek priesthood, mia, miracle, misfit, misfit mormon, misfitmormon, mission, missionary, monstrosity, monstrous; mormon, mormon, mormon tabernacle choir, mormons, mtc, mutant, nephite, new era, nonconformist, nonconformity, nondescript, none such, odd, oddity, orem, original, outre, pearl of great price, peculiarity, prodigy, provo, quaint, rare, rarity, remarkable, return missionary, rlds, rm, rouser, salt lake city, saturday's warrior, seer, seminary, service project, singles ward, singular, sisters, strange, tithing, unaccustomed, uncommon, unconformity, unconventional, unconventionality, uncustomary, undescribed, unexampled, unexpected, unfamiliar, unfashionable, unique, unprecedented, unusual, urim & thummim, utah, violation of law, weirdo, wonderful, word of wisdom, young women, youth conference, yw